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Comics by MidnightRealism

  1. 05-16-2016 - hand sanitizer, lubricant, gloves, galoshes, raincoat, head lamp. let's check that 'tate
  2. 11-27-2014 - if you don't stop stickin' it in the gravy we're not gonna have a good place in the wal-mart line
  3. 06-01-2012 - offpanel: other staff hollering, "god DAMN"; HR inquiring how someone sent to sensitivity training eight times is still employed
  4. 06-01-2012 - "your flow is garbage," dr. seuss screamed from on high
  5. 06-01-2012 - "mild surprise? discomfort? bemusement? WHISTLING WHAT ARE YOU DOING"
  6. 06-01-2012 - it's scottish
  7. 01-20-2008 - probably it would be skewed to the left
  8. 06-22-2006 - this actually happens sometimes
  9. 06-21-2006 - opinions are like butts in that sometimes you eat something bad and your excrement is all watery
  10. 06-15-2006 - "It" might be good advice or perhaps delicious food but I would put forth the idea that it is instead something unpleasant
  11. 01-11-2006 - the world wide web will, with time, allow for incredible dissemination of critical data and scholarly discussion
  12. 01-08-2006 - i'm really not a fan of tim buckley, but if you ask him he will just say that i am jealous
  13. 01-08-2006 - every action movie made after the matrix has done the same damn things and it's starting to wear thin, is all
  14. 01-06-2006 - i'm not saying that lines like these would never work, only that in an office setting they're likely to be met with a lawsuit
  15. 01-05-2006 - this probably won't make much sense unless you've read the first comic i made but the punchline is still pretty funny, i think
  16. 01-05-2006 - the person on the other end of the cell phone is probably uncomfortable and maybe even somewhat alarmed
  17. 01-05-2006 - i don't often see random people going down on petition signature collectors in the street but that doesn't mean it can't happen

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