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So many words but it's worth it and besides I hate the f#*king lot of you so eat it cocksuccors by T_Emery_Lolsworth on 06-02-2007
So. Farewell then, Steven Gilliard.
We're not using the black border because it's kind of overused now. This pyramid sunset's quite sombre though.
Great blogger, most of his archives are still at stevegilliard.blogspot .com, and only 41. We've said this before but WHAT THE f#*k KIND OF OPERATION ARE THOSE c#cks#ck#rS RUNNING UP THERE?
Don't call God a c#cks#ck#r, Floyd. Anyway in tribute to a great writer snatched away like FORTY YEARS BEFORE HIS TIME, ahem, panel 3 will consist of some quotes by him
"With any luck, and I mean the kind of luck when you find a quarter in the street, George Bush will be shuffled back to the pig farm Tuesday night. My bet is that coward will not conceed, will cry and whine about a way to overturn what should be a stunning rejection of Bush and his maniacal policies. His entire campaign has been based on the idea that he knows best for everyone and that only those who listen can be safe. " Poor guy never got to see the light at the end of the Bush administration.
"George Bush has failed. He has failed his office, he has failed the people of New Orleans, who he was elected to serve.But most of all, he has failed the country...In short, the US has basically violated most of the rules they use overseas, in the greatest humanitarian crisis in US history. Instead of dropping supplies by air, sending in armed teams for security, in short, being imaginative, they are letting people die because there is no leadership." There was also a headline called "President f#*knozzle Speaks". Steve Gilliard. 1966-2007.
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