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Stuff Sucks by T_Emery_Lolsworth on 06-01-2007
Holy sh#t have you heard about this Dutch reality show
Oh God more reality tv material WHAT SHOW
Seriously, this is great. It's called The Big Donor Show and the contestants all need a new kidney and are trying to impress a dying woman so she'll give them hers
I know, it's the most apocalyptic thing ever, right? Only it's not real! It's all a stunt they were playing on the Dutch public to highlight the lack of donors! And the three "contestants" knew that beforehand, so no-one was being hoaxed except THE ENTIRE PEOPLE OF HOLLAND. Except Liz Greenfield, she's totally too smart for that. She saw through it like instanteously.
Holy f#*k, that's completely brilliant! Social education through black practical comedy! Like an elaborate public information film where the slogan is just LOL PWNED! I wonder if this fake donor will get a t-shirt saying "I PUNKED THE NETHERLANDS"?
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