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The Following Takes Place by T_Emery_Lolsworth on 06-03-2007
Well, another series of 24 has come to an end in the UK, and it has to be said that even by 24 standards, series six was the most HOWLINGLY INSANE thing on television
It was still compelling viewing, partly because of its pace and partly because it was acted with genuine conviction, despite being, as already mentioned, COMPLETELY INSANE
Seriously, this had a nuclear bomb going off in Los Angeles and causing almost NOTHING WHATSOEVER beyond a few episodes of panic, then mild consternation, then tossed-off references to it
It had Peter MacNicol, which is always a good thing in itself, playing a bad guy, then not a bad guy anymore, and it wasn't depth of characterisation, it was just convenient for him to not be evil anymore
It was fantastic, but unfortunately it's not meant to be a comedy. They could make a fortune by getting Mike Nelson, Brian Corbett and Kevin Murphy to do DVD commentaries on the box set. I'd buy one.
The last shot of the series was the one genuinely good thing about it. Ratings are dropping though, they might need to make it good again. My tip is: quit subduing Chloe. Morris, the XY Chloe, was a good idea, but he stole too much airspace from her. Also: peaches. Series seven has to be anout peaches.
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