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AMENDMENT 4 BILL OF RIGHTS by AdamKahn on 05-15-2015
Braking Amendment 4 (at civilians house)
Hey what are you doing?
Sir I am searching your house. Your neighbor called the police and said that they heard something suspicious from your house so I have come to search the premises
You need a warrent if you want to search my property or you need good reason but you don't have either! I am taking this to court!
Hello Sheriff. One of the policemen in this town recieved a call from my neighbors saying they heard something suspicious from my house. The policemen went to my house and searched the property without my consent or a warrent!!!! I would like to file a complaint and that this was violating the 4th Amendment. Please make sure your policemen are prepared and have a reason to search any property or they could be in trouble.
I am so sorry for this to happen to you sir. I will make sure we retrain our policemen to make sure that they know everything they do has to be legal. I will fix this right away. Thank you and sorry once again.
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