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AMENDMENT 1 BILL OF RIGHTS by AdamKahn on 05-15-2015
Braking Amendment 1 (in school)
Hey Jim I think that we should make a rule that says children have to pray in schools for respect and because we need to thank G-D!
Thats a great idea!!!!!
(students in school)
Hey did you hear that they are making us pray in school? They are making us.... I don't want to pray to G-D, I feel like I am being cheated.
We should go to court and tell someone that the principle is violating our rights. You cannot make laws that don't respect peoples freedom of religion. Thats braking Amendment 1
Hello Mr. Judge. I have a conflict that at my school the principle is making all the students pray and I don't feel comfortable doing so. I was forced to pray and that is braking Amendment 1 by not giving civilans their religious freedom...
I will solve this immidiatley. You are totally right that you should not be forced to pray and that it felt as if the school was trying to convert you from your religion to theirs. I will make sure the school changes this rule and everything is ok.
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