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Know Thyself - Frame 4 (End) by Khadija on 03-06-2008
In his hasty retreat, Mikhail accidentally bumps into his Aunt Sheila.
Oh shucks, sorry dey Aunty Sheila. I didn''t mean to push yuh. Sometimes I does be walkin' like I hav two lef' foot yes. I relly sorry.
(Clearly annoyed, speaking in a condescending tone) Good afternoon young man. Why on earth are you speaking so coarsely? Don't you know how to speak properly?
It is so sad to see the young folks today, speaking as if they have no form of education. Why can't they realize that Creole simply does not belong in modern society.
(visibly frustrated and speaking angrily)Buh why i musn't talk so, dat is how I born talkin'! Nuttin' rong' wit dat! Creole is my mudda' tongue so is dat an de' antem' I go neva' fuget!
B-but young man -
But nuttin'! Dai de problem wit allyuh fresh wata' yankee, allyuh figure allyuh too gud fuh de Creole! Steups! Look! The more I listen tuh allyuh the more vex an' disappointed I does get. It relly seem like none a allyuh so-called Trinis truly know allyuhself.
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