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Know Thyself - Frame 3 by Khadija on 03-06-2008
Later that day, Mikhail met his Uncle Keith.
Ay Mikhail meh boy! Long time no see! Buh how tings wit you, why it is yuh face lookin so long?
Ay uncle. Is nun much rell eh, buh dese days i fine like all meh ole' friends a meet rel change man! Everybody talkin an behavin like dey livin' foreign. Dese tings rel disappointin yes.
Sean boy I kno wha yuh mean! De youths today like dey eh hav no kinda identity! Buh not me nah, I is a Trini to de bone marrow! I does only talk Creole plus I does support all the local sports. Doh fuget I went Germany wit the warriors yuh kno!
Well I figure daz true...Buh wait nah you cyah be de same one who tell Aunty Sheila yuh goin New York tuh live come nex year? Wha you talkin bout Trini?
Oh gosh Mikey yuh kno how life is, I muss go dey tuh shop an ting so i decide i go jus stay. Besides I is still a Trini cuz i comin down every year fuh Carnival!
(speaking in a loud and angry voice) Steups! Well Uncle Keith like you is de worst outa all a dem! Different accent same s@#t! Wat a disappointment! You is jus another loss Trini! Look I gone from here yes!
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