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Megaframe by T_Emery_Lolsworth on 02-25-2008
Gah, Lolsworth got a f#*king virus and had to reboot his whole f#*king system and it was such a PAIN IN THE ARSE
And of course we have to suffer with him because we're just his tools
It was Bagle as well, which is a right motherf#*ker
If you ever get it, rend the very oxygen in the air with despair: it renders your computer incapable of reading any external storage at all, making it basically a stationary beige box with lights and nothing else
Why do computer viruses exist anyway? It's not as if they evolved out of the primordial f#*king soup or anything
No, some f#*kface has actually deliberately made the f#*king things, because he's a gigantic weltering #&@! AND I HATE HIM WITH EVERY FIBRE OF MY BEING, DO YOU HEAR ME, "BAGLE" CREATOR, I GENUINELY HOPE YOU f#*kING DIE
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