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Bringing clarity to your butt by T_Emery_Lolsworth on 02-26-2008
As a result of the aforementioned tosser's wank of a computer virus, Lolsworth is now running Vista instead of XP
Initial impressions: well, it's okay I guess. It's not all that different reallly
The start menu is far less intuitive, although it doesn't take 87 minutes to load up, so that evens out to neutral
It all looks a lot crisper and cleaner, like a hospital terminal in faintly totalitarian future
The main thing is that the f#*ker asks your f#*king permission EVERY f#*kING TIME YOU ASK IT TO DO SOMETHING
Yes I want CityOfHeroes.exe to run, I just f#*king asked it to after all, you stupid f#*k, now shut the f#*k up before I punch you
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