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Yeah, b#tch! by T_Emery_Lolsworth on 07-04-2007
Oh man YES Alan Johnston is free
This is the most fantastic news since "Christopher Eccleston IS the Doctor"!
Call us unduly pessimistic but we really couldn't see a happy ending to this (a happy ending being one not featuring Johnston and his head as seperate entities) but that's what we got
I mean okay 2000 e-people e-signed this e-petiton and that's great and all but even if these c#cks#ck#rs used the Internet I doubt they could give a f#*k about petitiononline dot net
The one thing we still don't understand is who the f#*k are these guys, what did they want, and (not to tempt fate or anything) why did they release him then? Were they just bored?
That's three things. Anyway whatever they're f#*ks and they can just f#*k right off out of it. Even Hamas hate them now. At least they say they do
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