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Mister Miracle by T_Emery_Lolsworth on 07-03-2007
Oh, man, f#*k this sh#t with Scooter getting not-pardoned
His sentence was "commuted" because apparently George didn't think it was fair that anyone who was a friend of his should suffer for their f#*king crimes, f#*king f#*ksh#t
Or rather, Dick Cheney did, since Bush doesn't do anything for himself, his monstrous Satanic butter-coloured snarling mutated Churchill of a Vice just lets him think he does
Just so you know, the reason we're especially angry with this is it's another case of the Bush administration, basically the single most dangerous, corrupt, destructive and incompetent presidency in American history, which is pretty impressive considering that all governments suck and are murderers, getting away scot the f#*k free
You see, instead of being pardoned, Libby's sentence was commuted, placing him on a two year probation during which he needn't say a damn thing to the courts because of the fifth amendment, which wouldn't cover him had he been pardoned.
In other words, the cocking f#*ksh#t administration has just rewarded one of their mates for their criminal actions in protecting them, AND reinforced that protection at the same time. Hey, everyone in America: THE PRESIDENT JUST TOLD YOU TO GO f#*k YOURSELVES. ARE YOU HAPPY WITH THIS Y/N?
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