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Smoke 'Em if you Got 'Em: f#*k Off Libertarians by T_Emery_Lolsworth on 06-29-2007
With the immenent public smoking ban, it's interesting to compare cigarettes with the other legal non-medicinal drug: heroin, I mean alcohol
Alcohol's almost as destructive as tobacco, after all, and nearly as addictive
Alcohol. Disadvantages: bad for your liver, increases your thirst, addictive, will turn anyone who drinks it into either an imbecile, a #&@! or an insufferable prick.
Advantages: some people enjoy the taste. It's not bad for you if you take it in moderation. Drunken behaviour notwithstanding, doesn't have any direct passive effects smoking type effects on the surrounding area
Tobacco. Disadvantages: gives you cancer. Gives you emphysema. More or less guaranteed to kill you one way or another. Makes you smell bad. Makes you unfit. Turns you yellow. Gives you cancer again. Makes the inside of your lungs resemble the aftermath of a forest fire. Is incredibly bad for you whether you take it in moderation or not. GIVES YOU CANCER.
Advantages: I will concede that it makes you look cool. Um. Maybe you really like cancer, I dunno. Happy last day of public smoking everyone!
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