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Smoke 'Em if You Got 'Em, first drag by T_Emery_Lolsworth on 06-28-2007
Well, here we are at the final smoker's weekend. This Sunday, you are no longer allowed to smoke in any public places in Britain
And we know this might turn out to be controversial, but all we have to say is, good.
Don't take this the wrong way we have nothing against smokers per se.
but we have everything against the foul-smelling military industrial complex-lubricating lumps of dead plant that they set fire to and suck for whatever bizarre and otherworldly reason compels them to engage in an activity which costs tens of thousands of pounds every year, has no discernable benefit and gives you cancer
Dear FOREST: it's not a f#*king spiritual experience, okay, it's just a f#*king carcinogenic you got addicted to and now would rather die of cancer than admit was a really f#*king stupid idea in the first f#*king place
This ban is not part of an effort to end your enjoyment, partly because it's pretty obviously aimed at preventing your f#*king cancersticks from killing anyone but you, but also because seriously, what f#*king enjoyment? IT MAKES YOU YELLOW AND COUGH AND THEN YOU f#*kING DIE.
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