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Ambiguous Jew meets a Terrett's Victim by C45HM0N3Y on 06-07-2007
well hello little girl do you think you can play a song for me on that violin? im feeling pretty sad today...
why of course.. *begins playing bittersweet symphony*
ah... my favorite song.. this day isnt so bad after all.. maybe it'll be better than yesterday... and she doesnt think im a jew...
*music abruptly stops* YOU f#*kING JEW WHAT THE f#*k ARE YOU DOING GET OUT OF MY f#*kING FACE BEFORE I KICK YOUR ASHHH!!! im sorry, these random outbursts occur frequently to one of my intellect. please excuse the RANDOM f#*kING OUT BURSTS YOU STUPID JEW SON OF A b#tch GET THE f#*k OUTTA HERE
on his way to the centagogue
why must life be so cruel.. i never wanted to be labelled a jew *eats jew treat*.. life is so unfair. I'm just a regular white guy, not a jew. this makes absolutely no sense...maybe the only way out of this really is suicide.
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