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Ambiguous Jew (AJ) Meets an Emo by C45HM0N3Y on 06-06-2007
why does everything have to be like this.. i didnt ask for people to think i was a jew... *eats a kosher sandwich*... and im not a jew... this is bullsh#t.
AJ meets an emo
my life is darkly spiraling down a deep dark cavernous passage into destruction.. i cannot fathom the consequences of my dark lifestyle... oh look a jew. hahahaha hey jew got any draedels on you?
you f#*king dumbass im not a jew. how can you even think that. you are the billionth person to think that today... HOW CAN I BE A f#*kING JEW YOU STUPID EMO ??
dude.... chill out man... its all a deep downward dark spiral of emptiness anyway. if i had not called you out for your Jewery then you would be called out by someone else. dont kill the messenger.. and definitely dont slash my wrists... please dont... *hands a razor to AJ*
wtf dude... why would i slash your wrists when i can kill you with a f#*king draedel anyway. i am not a jew, and i never will be a jew. Therefore, In the Name of my Rabbi, I"M GOING TO f#*kING KILL YOU YOU EMO SON OF A b#tch!!! *whips out the draedel, and stabs emo repeatedly in eye and then heart* ...it didn't have to be like this... if only people didnt think i was jew... *walks away*
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