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Ajjebitis by Rakk on 05-13-2007
Hey Alphy, I seem to be slurring my words like a drunken Saudi Albertan every once in a while. And it is always when I am sober, got any idea whats wrong?
No, but Duchess might she's a doctor or something like that. I'm not sure what she is but she is guaranteed to have cake and pineapples... tasty, tasty pineapples...
Hey Duchess, I'ma slurring some of my speech when I am completely sober or it sounds like I am talking in riddles and codes sometimes. Alphy said you were a doctor shortly before he broke down into a mad fit of pineapple harvesting.
Its Ajjebitis Rakk, the only cure, if your not from Alberta, is to minimize your expose to dangerous Ajjeb rays. Otherwise you will be talking in riddles and codes for the rest of your life.
Heya Ajjer, I's gotta go away for a while but when the pineapple hits the fan you know what you have to do. So I'll be gone for a while with Alphy and Duchess in Colorado with only your copy of the Shining. That cool with you?
This is worse than a chinchilla in church with a bad case of lupus before it goes to the nearest taco truck.
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