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TSO RP Tryouts by Rakk on 05-16-2007
The TSO, now wondering how it could improve its Role Playing during raids talks to several large factions to see what they think...
First up is the RRF, what do you think would improve our Role Play during raids?
Alright, the RRF was no use... how about you Raggedy guys, what do you think we could do to improve our raiding Role Play?
Well... you see your problem is the whole... how do I put this... the raiding part... why not just settle down have some kids with the right faction and raise a family... all that raiding and killing in a carefree manner is no environment for a child to grow up in... except for maybe Rentar... he creeps us out. Also Otters.
Oh hey rentar... where is AosG, or ACTA, or the rest?
*Sip*... about that... they sort of... how do I say never made it past the door. Sorta got shivved on their way in when they *Sip* gave Rakk's dogs an STD or something...
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