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Rant Police by T_Emery_Lolsworth on 04-22-2007
Other random rants we just want to get said
General Wesley Clark is the best choice for President of the United States in f#*king years, why won't anyone do anything about it
90% of football fans, as in most of the ones who broadcast their opinions, are retards and should be systematically slapped in the face
"Fitter Happier" is the centrepiece of the whole f#*king album, you stupid f#*king morons
What the f#*k, France, we don't get the election results until three days after the f#*king election? I mean, I know your entire f#*king country shuts down every day between noon and 1.30 for déjuner, but even so it shouldn't take you three f#*king days to do what everyone else on the planet manages to do overnight
Also I smell stale coffee. That's not really a rant, but it's very disturbing. Especially since it seems to be following me around. Honestly, what the f#*k
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