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Little Bit of Politics, Yes Indeedy by T_Emery_Lolsworth on 04-21-2007
Okay, so the NRA made a statement in the end, basically saying that the VT shooting was a horrible tragedy and then actually shutting the f#*k up "until more facts are known"
Translation: holy f#*k even we're having trouble finding a reason this happened that doesn't lead inevitably to the f#*king projectile weapons which compensate for so much in our own lives
That hasn't stopped the likes of Glenn Reynolds using it as an excuse to promote Concealed Carrying laws
Because he wouldn't have done this if everyone on the planet owned and carried an offensive and deadly weapon for no reason at all, obviously
Note to anyone who thinks everyone on Earth should have a gun: THIS IS NOT A WESTERN WHERE THE BAD GUYS NEVER HIT AND THE GOOD GUYS NEVER MISS.
Also you don't get redshirts in real life. Just people with lives. In closing, f#*k the f#*k right the f#*k off you f#*king morons.
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