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Sarah Preston Apostrophe Lesson by cvolosin on 01-28-2014
The bunny is looking for a mountain to go skiing on, but he can't find any in the snowy woods.
I can't find any skiing hills around here. I would've been able to if the snow wasn't blowing all over the pace today.
Oh, hey! I just skied down one. There is one right there. Yeah, it's pretty snowy out, isn't it.
The bunny is now at the beach and he, or she I'm not so sure now, is being approached by a girl monkey.
Wait!! What?! How did I get here? I wanted to go skiing! and why am I dressed like a girl?! I've got no clue what's going on right now.
Neither do I! The same thing just happened to me! I asked some guy with a pink tie and he pointed and told me he just went down a mountain. So then, I walked over to where he poinred and now I am here, dressed as a girl, and I'm pretty sure this is not a skiing mountain!!
The bunny and the monkey are back to normal and at the mountain.
Well, that's a relief. Back to normal and back at the skiing mountain!
Yeah! Well we don't know what got us there or what got us back, but we're back so whatever!
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