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Jordyn Manos - Apostrophe Lesson by cvolosin on 01-28-2014
One day, a woman was standing in front of the Eiffle Tower. Suddenly a French Chef came up to her.
Hello Chef! That's a good looking lobster your holding!
Yes it's a great lobster. It has just been taken out of its pot. Steaming hot just for a lovely lady like you!
The woman was very surprised that the chef had called her a lovely woman.
Wow! I wasn't expecting that! You're a very nice man, isn't that right?
Hahaha! Thank you very much. Here, take the lobster. I want you to enjoy it! It's very delicious. I think you'll enjoy it very much!
The woman's brain was frazzled. How's she going to tell him that she doesn't like lobster? She was starting to like this man and she now has break his heart!
Oh, thank you. But um, I can't eat that. I'm not a big fan of lobster.
Wow. I have been talking to you for almost twenty minutes and your just telling me this now? How am I supposed to like someone that doesn't appreciate the fine art of seafood? Goodbye. This lobster is going to someone who deserves it.
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