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Apostro-scary by cvolosin on 01-28-2014
Do you know what's scarier than me? When people don't use apostrophes in the right way! Poeple are always messing up with their grammar and they never notice.
Well thats okay, because im excellent with grammar.
That's exactly what I mean. People are never paying any mind to their apostrophes. Your grammar is incorrect, forcing me to help you learn about the scary APOSTROPHE! Oh and by the way it's "I'm" not Im, and "that's" is the correct way.
OK, I can definatly comprehend what you are saying, but how do I use these things you call Apostrophes?
Many rules apply to apostrophes, for example, you have to see how many possesors there are, but if its a name that's plural, no apostrophe is needed, however, if there is a contraction or two words put together, an apostrophe is necessary.
OK. I think I got it. Thanks a lot for the help...Mr...... whats your name? Oh he's gone.
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