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Interviewing About Urban Legends by pmorgan50 on 11-22-2013
I interviewed my penpal about what Urban Legends she's heard of. She has heard of Bloody Mary and what (mostly) women do to see if bloody mary exists, saying her name three times in a mirror in the bathroom.
Have you heard any urban legends in your hometown, Melanie?
There is a castle that is near my house, that has a woman dressed in white haunting it. She was a vengeful woman who let people who were attacking the castle come in. She was killed along with everyone inside and she felt so much shame that she stayed attached to the castle and couldn't ascend into heaven.
My mother, when she was little, heard of and tried the bloody mary legend. She also hears of the hook man, but a different side of it. She heard it as a woman was hitchhiking on the side if the road, and when a man picked her up, she said hurry, there's a man with a hook that's been chasing me! He drives her to wherever she wants to go and when he himself gets home, he opens his door and finds there is a bloody hook stuck in it. The lesson being, don't hitchhike!
Did these stories scare you, teach you lessons, and have you heard other versions?
Yes, they did scare me when I was little; I was afraid to look in the mirror because of the Bloody Mary story. I haven't heard any other variations.
I interviewed a girl named Yvette who spoke of a story called Candyman, which is similar to bloody mary- at midnight, you go to your bathroom and say Candyman three times, then slam your bathroom door as fast as you can, otherwise he appears and throws an ax at you. She also spoke of a house that she lives close by to on the corner of magnolia and Nebraska- is anyone tries to do any work on the house, it is said they will die.
Where did you perform the ritual and did hearing these legends evoke any emotions from you?
I tried the Bloody Mary Ritual at a Girl's Club and yes, these stories scared me when I was little.
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