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Zero and alma2ugly on the LAM by GLR on 10-22-2013
Dearest follower chiiiiiiild, did we ever find out what happened to Zero and alma2ugly?
Yes, Lord GLR. They were arrested for mopery earlier this morning.
Say looky here, I hears that loser Zero and his butt ugly girlfriend was arrested this mo'nin or mopery. Exposin' yo-self to a blind person is effed up dawg. Can u be-lee dat?
Yez bawz. He axed me to shine his shoes but when I goes to shine them, his shoes be nuffin but dirty feets. Damn shame what that boy be messin' wif.
They come to my chinese buffet and no want to pay. I say you get out so they go to cleaner across street. Kim chase them with coat hanger. i no see them since.
If I spot them, I can promise this. I will beat the living piss out of Zero and make alma2ugly use her snaglleteeth to open the top of his head like a can opener. I'm curious to see if there is anything in that head of his. If that doesn't work, I'll just beat him and claim that he was resisting. It's an old Chicago standard. Do you have a drop gun you can spare? I can really use it.
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