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Member Since: 03-30-2007

Stephen Schwegler is the author of Perhaps., a collection of incredibly insane short fiction. His work has been published by Jersey Devil Press and Blink|Ink. He was born on Long Island, but spent most of his life growing up in the wasteland more commonly known as New Jersey. He lives there with his wife and two cats who think they run the place. They do. He has an unhealthy affinity for movies, games and all things toast. Seriously, he has like four toasters.

Comics by perhaps

  1. 12-22-2009 - Happy New Year!
  2. 05-02-2007 - Where's George?
  3. 04-26-2007 - Take Two
  4. 04-03-2007 - A toothpick and a Sponge
  5. 03-30-2007 - Drunk at Nasa

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