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sacred by ST00PSMYASS on 05-15-2015
Brady got what's coming to him. No one is above breaking the rules.
But, the rule is stupid. It is a range of air, so that's arbitrary. Besides, if the point of the rule is to protect the consistency of the flight of the ball and not making it too easy to throw or catch then why no rules about what QBs can or can't do to the surface or the laces?
There has to be some rule though. So, the rule is the rule. No more or less air than is allowed. He broke that rule, so he's a cheater.
But in 2006 the NFL told him and Manning they could do whatever they needed to do to the balls to prepare them for play. Doesn't that suggest that the NFL doesn't really care all that much about the ball then? The refs barely inspect them, if at all. If the ball is so sacred, then why even let teams touch them before play?
You just want to break down rules. You are the kind of person who looks in a rule book and thinks about which rules are the weakest and how you can break it and then argue it later. I don't like people who do this.
So, as a rule, you don't like me?
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