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A Tigers skeletal sysem. by 8cw48idz on 10-24-2013
''Hey!Biz you know that Iwas just reading this on a tigers skeletal sysem.''
''yeah I was too.''
''Did you know that a tiger's skeletal sysem has the oragans such the lungs,heart,brain,liver,stomach,Kidney,and the Intestines.''
''cool, but do you how those things work.''
''Yes,I do the Lungs – respiration,Heart – circulation of blood,Liver – processing of chemicals,Stomach – breakdown of food,Kidney – filtering of blood and removal of waste products,Intestines – breakdown and digestion of food.''
''Nice, but did you that tigers have an endoskeleton, meaning that it is inside the body (as opposed to an external shell). Its skeleton comprises hard, strong bones held together by ligaments, rather than cartilaginous structures (as is the case with sharks, for example). The internal organs are then protected within this sturdy structure,i got info from http://www.tigers.org.za/skeleton-and-internal-organs.com
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