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Urg goes to xbox one unveiling by Megadeth1391 on 05-24-2013
A very excited and sexually aroused uptight random guy is attending Microsoft's big reveal of the next generation xbox
Welcome to the unveling of the...Xbox ONE. Your all in one tv central kinect driven machine that will be coming this november.
What. The. f#*k. Im not waving my arms like a f#*king idiot just to watch tv. XBOX ONE???? did you guys take 359 steps back?
Xbox is going to be the new home to Ea sports titlesand the halo tv series. Xbox is about to become the next water cooler.
What you mean a piece of sh#t hardly anyone has, that sits in the corner taking up space? Perfect analogy! Oh my god....i thought you were going to announce Halo 5 way to f#*king shove my dick into a blender and cut my balls off and throw them down a flight of stairs.
So thats it for our conference. Oh and bt dubz you cant play used games or borrow friends games without paying a fee, lolololol later fggts now suck my microshaft.
.....f#*k you #ssh#les. You have showed zero f#*king games.,teased my ballsack with halo, and finished off this sh#t sundae witha drm announcement and cod ghosts which no one f#*king cares about.good job. now get that microcock out of my f#*king face before i shove it into a bluray drive and smack you in the ballsack with a playstation move remote before jamming my dick down your throat until you vomit everywhere and die of a semen overdose. f#*k you, just...f#*k you.
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