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Imperialism 2.5 by jessegillette on 03-02-2010
Ulster, the northern part of Ireland. But, this was not conqured until the late 1500's. And after it was conqured, the Queen gave land in Ulster to any loyal British citizen.
So is that it? can i go yet?
NO! im not done. By the way, what are you anyways?
I'm not really sure to be honest with ya.
Well, anyways, After this, the British set up a set of penal laws restricting the Irish from their own culture. THis created two nationalist groups; the loyalists and the nationalists. With major crop failure in 1847, millions immagrated to the U.S.
O, so this is when the Irish form the I.R.A and rebel against the British, and then the British gave back all of Ireland except for Ulster. Then a civil war breaks out again, and eventually write the good friday peace treaty which lead to a joint rule of Ireland, thus becomming imperialised.
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