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Was Jesus black? by HerrDoktor on 08-18-2009
At Stanford University
A white guy... Why God almighty would choose yet again the same tired phenotype to send His message to the whole humanity? Why not, say, a Flipino this time?
My friend, I was quite darky last time. Jewish and Arabs are genetic brothers after all. It's just that the photographer caught me at winter with a strong flash.
Still white and opressive. Arabs, Jews, Italians, just whites with a tan. Can you explain me, "darky", how came that blond hair?
Well, you see, the Romans had just conquered Germany. So we had lots of blond slaves everywhere and it was totally trendy and hip to have a "slave" hair and... You know? You're right! Let me fix this.
A slave to the white system, a clear glacial soul encased within a brown lively skin...
I carry this so you can have democracy to b#tch around like this, you pussy liberal n1$@a!... Hey, that's quite cool! I'm just not sure if what's cool is being black or having an assault rifle.
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