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The Greatest by ToA on 06-15-2009
Sometimes, you wonder how can JoakimMos be the best chuunin in TNR.. Here are some facts. Fact#1. Let's pretend that this is a PVP battle ^^
JoakimMos creates a thin wire with his chakra, and attaches the wire to his body and bak, to ensure it doesn't escape the attack. JoakimMos then ignites the chakra, and the entire wire burns, causing damage to both people and: after this long long words, deals no damage -.-"
bak pumps all his chakra to his clenched fist, and throws a powerful uppercut that feels hard as rock to JoakimMos and: stuns Joa and also OHKO him
And in the next PVP battle...
JoakimMos sends his chakra into the sky, and then concentrates for a split-second. A ferocious hail begins to brew. The falling ice freezes bak, though, even the user cannot avoid the ice and: deals no damage at all..
bak concentrates on his heartbeats and attacks in a rhythmic manner, pounding JoakimMos with great force, each heartbeat representing a delivered punch and: Joa is KO
So he talk to co-leader of FC
bak CKed me, help me reporting him.. It is an order!
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