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K and A Productions' Business trips promoting Kbulletin.weebly.com/ by Keri H. by kheuer on 04-28-2008
Two colleagues discussing business in front of their hotel in Boston
Well, Well, Well! Nice you see you again "former president" Since you got booted out of KBulletin and K Productions I'm in new CEO! And now we have opened a website called www.kbulletin.weebly.com/ and it lists tons of cool websites that you can view, most of them made by K Productions!
Well, we do meet again! But luckily, I was accepted into A Productions when I was fired and now I'm the new president there! Things just all work out! Well, my company will see you tomorrow and we'll discuss the meeting there!
Tomorrow after their meeting
Yes, well you know that our business has been soaring since you left. I wonder if you leave has made a change! Humph! Well, now everyone will buy products from K Productions and A Productions will continue to go down in business since you joined the company!
Yes, maybe you're right! But that won't discourage me! A Productions WILL have business! Well, we have to get back to the hotel and pack for the end of our business trip! See you in London!
In London, ending their business trip
Yes, it's been nice seeing you again and hope to meet you in further business trips. Again it was nice meeting up with you and your A Productions team! Hope to see you again!
Yes, you too! It WAS nice seeing you again and I DO hope we can see each other again in future business trips! I will DEFINATELY check out the website: www.kbulletin.weebly.com/ and check out all the cool websites k Bulletin tells you to visit! Well, see you again in the future! Bye!
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