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Trapped in Retard World by The_Infidel on 04-05-2008
Can you believe all the talentless, unimaginative f#*ks who keep coming in here and using the same characters and backgrounds over and over and over?
Tell me about it. Personally, I'm getting sick of standing in this same place and looking at the same building day in and day out.
Same here. I'm not sure what the hell I'm supposed to be looking at in this book, but if I haven't found it by now, IT'S JUST NOT f#*kING HERE!!!
You would think people would realize there's many other characters and backgrounds to use, with an almost endless array of situations to put us all in. I need some variety!
Sadly, this is the kind of place where a word like "variety" might as well be from an unknown, dead foreign language. What have you been drinking all this time, by the way?
I have no clue. My tastebuds went numb about a year ago, along with any hope of being used on a regular basis by anyone with a vocabulary larger then "LOL" and "KTHXBYE".
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