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Meeting Ray...sort of part 6 by jacktheblack on 04-02-2008
Rays group were mostly out there to enjoy the company of like minded people, as was my group, but there was always someting desperate about the supremecists and dellisional
If only we had kept America pure everthing would be so much better!
yea I'm sure the native American's feel the same way
At the end of the day when we took off all our armor and sat around a campfire we were just plain folks, and for the most part pleased with the world even if it wasn't the way we wanted it, and we could always just pretend it was
I am lord Conner of the Clan McCloud!
I am Baron Brokk Jarlson of the Norsemen nice to meet you.
(Brokk and Conner are friends of mine so I put them in the comic) ray and his group wanted to live in a fantasy world to, but they want everyone else to play along. If they had more power and control over there own lives they might be very differnt people.
I guess we are more alike then you thougt tom
Screw you ray I still think your a racist dick
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