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Meeting Ray...sort of part 3 by jacktheblack on 04-02-2008
It wasn't that differn't from my SCA event. We were trying to recreate a middle ages that never existed (no plague no peasents, no mass murder for non conformity) and they were trying to recreate an America that only exists in thier proganda literature
America was so much better off before all the @##@*& came over
It was a golden time of peace thats for sure lynn
it wasn't a golden time of peace, and african americans did not come over, they were kidnapped, but thats not what people talk about at a klan rally they talk about how much better there lives would be in thier ideal America
If it wasn't for all the aliens I would be making a decent wage and not have to wear this uniform
at least you don't have to ask everyone you meet if they want fries with that/
Most of the people I talked to hated their lives, and blamed one group or another for whatever it was that they thought was the cause of thier lowly positions
I couldn't exactly feel sorry for them, but I did start to feel bad for them. But as soon as that happened I would run into a member that re-awakened my loathing for the group
Woooooooooo when race war comes I will be on the front line as a soldier for GOD!!!
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