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The Test. by buggmoo on 03-22-2008
Why am I here? Is there a reason? I have no memories, yet this all seems so familiar. Maybe I was here in a past life? Maybe I'm dead, and I'm a ghost? Questions, so many question. Perhaps I should explore my surroundings. Yes, I shall do that. Maybe I will figure out my next course of action that way.
It has been a week... or at least it feels that way. I tried counting, but it is as if the numbers aren't going any further. 1... 2.... 3... sure, I am counting, but it seems I am merely reciting numbers rather than actually measuring time. Yet- I have noticed my clothes. I am dressed a cowboy... something of a lone ranger. A lone ranger... intended to be alone forever. Wait- what is that- some sort of screen? I will move closer to investigate.
You have passed the test, number 13. Now you will be truly complete.
M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M.
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