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Catholic Cruciform Conspiracy #2230 by SherpaJack on 03-19-2008
Later that night at the Marshalls' house...
Hi, I'm with SHIVCO. I'm here to convince you that your life would be greatly improved by this faux-antique stabby implement.
Vely solly. No engrish, You speakee now to Masta Malsharr. Come, come. Forrow me. Eat jerro.
20 minutes, a little jerro, and several misshaps later...
Mr. Marshall, I'm really terribly sorry about your house, You see, I'm with SHIVCO. I'm here to convince you that your life would...
My name is Malsharr actually, and I'm afraid my wife makes all the purchasing decisions for the househlod, you know how it is.
Actually I'm celibate. SHIVCO is a subsidiary of the catholic church we're trying to get mo... AHHH!! JESUS f#*kING H. CHRIST ON A GOD DAMNED POGO STICK!! WHAT THE f#*kING BALLS IS HAPPENING?!
Oh right, today is jerro day. I'm sorry my wife always puts in way too much mescaline. I find it always disturbs the fine synergy between the acetyl-psilosin and the quaaludes. Will you be joining us for dinner? We're having my son.
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