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How elections are covered by the media in the U.S. by truth_hurts on 03-09-2008
A typical media interview...
We're hear to interview a Mr. John Q. Public - an average American... My network would like me to ask you, Now that only John McCain is left for the Republicans, are you more interested in the eventual Democratic nominee?
The truth comes out...
You're forgetting about Ron Paul - again! What is it with you media types that just insist on ignoring all candidates that aren't endorsed by the CFR and their elitist buddies?
Oh damn... My job is at stake on this! I must ignore this whacko...
Good thing it wasn't "LIVE!"
As I was saying, Mr. John Q. Public: Do you prefer the elitist-approved Republican, or one of the elitist-approved Democrats?
Hey, there's not a dime's bit of difference between them, so I'll be happy with whomever my benevolent overlords choose for me! ... Wait, I'm getting a call... "Yes dear, I'll pick your copy of Ms. Magazine on the way home!"
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