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Know Thyself - Frame 2 by Khadija on 03-06-2008
Mikhail meets an old friend Sean at a party.
Buh waz d rel scene Sean? I eh see yuh since secondary school! How tings?
Yo Mikey! Wad up dawg! I'm aite. Dis party off de hook yess. Aye yuh goin car show nex week? Come na, i rel pimp out my Civic fuh dat - bass, spinners the full works! Yuh kno how i does roll! Playa!
(With a mixed expression of sacrcasm and disbelief) Eh heh.Yeh man I hear yuh...well arite den lata.
Anyway dude, I hadda go. Jus holla at me wen yuh ready tuh lime an doh fuget d show! I'm out. Peace!
Buh wha d francis fashion I does relly be hearin jed!! Da cyah be d same Sean Francis who was in form 3 wit me! Buh who he feel he is - 10 cent o wha! Like Sean granmudda neva tell him - Cockroach eh hav no business in fowl party!
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