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Dreamland by mikayla on 03-02-2008
Cass, Caitlin's older sister, ran away the morning of Caitlin's birthday to go stay with her boyfriend, causing all the attention to go toward her disappearance and Caitlin to basically be forgotten, at least that's what she thought. It had left a big hole in the family and Caitlin believed she had to be there to fill it in.
"Hurry call in and report she's missing!"
"It seemed like all I could do was try to fill in her "popular" spot, I knew why she'd left, I just couldn't tell mom."
Although it is one of the last things Cass would want to do, she becomes a cheerleader and while at a party where she was planning on hooking up with a football player, hooks up with a guy she didn't even know.
"My making cheerleader was my mothers life...but the truth was, I hated cheerleading."
Yah mom, first practice is tomorrow, and I was going to tell you, I met this guy last week, he's going to bring me home from practice.Is that alright?"
Things begin to get rough with the cheerleading squad when Caitlin see's part of the bad side of Rogerson, taking her along and causing her to skip or struggle making practices.
I wasn't really sure what to do when I was there, even if I had practice, for him to pick me up and all he did was take me to houses so he could sell them drugs.
"Caitlin? We need you here, this is important, the rest of the team is going to take a vote wether or not we believe here, because of the lack or committment."
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