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Our interviewer asks a member of the public their concern for the Orang Utans. by chocalatte on 02-20-2008
We ask a random person on the street what their concern is about the Orang Utans.
So what is your concern about the Orang Utans?
Well, with all the destruction of the Orang Utans habitats, soon we will have no Orang Utans left, which is very sad.
The man shows pity for the Orang Utans.
I mean the poor creatures are only dying for us humans. However it is the act of individuals that creates a wholeness.
We finish up with a few helping tips.
So what do you suggest we do to prevent the Orang Utans from extinction.
Well as individuals we can buy fewer products that contain palm oil. Products that we don't need to survive, such as crisps.
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