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"I piss you off in traffic, you need 17 bullets?" by T_Emery_Lolsworth on 12-07-2007
Another twat who mysteriously owns a gun has killed a bunch of people for no reason whatever in America
And the "anti-murder control" lobby, or more accurately the "pro everyone being allowed to carry a deadly weapon at all times" imbeciles, have weighed in with the usual whining about how this is in no way their fault
Their main argument is, basically, that if everyone in America was allowed to carry a lethal firearm any time they liked, no-one would shoot anyone else anymore
We can't count how many ways this argument is retarded, dangerous, depressing and horrific
Do this people not comprehend what a gun *is*? It's a f#*king deadly weapon! It's designed to kill things, nothing else! It has no positive use whatsoever!
And letting Joe f#*king #&@! on the street carry one is, and we shouldn't have to point this out, actually going to INCREASE GUN MURDERS, not f#*king DECREASE THEM. Because of dicks like you who think you f#*king need a f#*king Glock to cross the f#*king road
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