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Business Report by T_Emery_Lolsworth on 11-26-2007
You know what's in the news today? Boring money related bollocks, that is what. Is in the news. Today.
The latest twists and turns in the "Northern Rock learns about capitalism" saga, and some white guy donated to the Labour party oh no
Call us bitter and cynical and twisted husks of human beings, but while soldiers are dying in the mud in Iraq we really couldn't give a f#*k about some guy donating to a political party as though it's a scandal
And as for Northern Rock, when the customers voted for it to float on the stock exchange, what the f#*k did they think would happen? Give it to Branson, see what the f#*k difference it makes
f#*king complacent western culture, makes me f#*king mumble grumble
Misanthropy and barefaced contempt: it's the new wave in comedy!
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