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lame-ass gimp by eltsac101 on 11-14-2007
my rhymes are wicked cus my brain's naked. I cut my teeth with diamonds, you use green topaz! I'm dick tracy, you're go-go gomez!
you do what i tell you to do when I tell you to do it, and shut the f#*k up or I'm gonna'get down to it!
I'll slap you to the left, I'll slap you to the right, Ill roll your ass down Brunswick Lane! KA-BLAM!!! That's a STRIKE!!!
I'm sharp like a dart, and like webster I'm smart! I'm the oddsmaker cus I make the odds. The odds are in favor, cus I'm the right flavor! David was there when I slayed Goliath! I'm the muthaf#*kin beast of God you don't wanna' mess with!
roll over Grover, stand the f#*k up, like your grave ain't already deep enough, you're fat like a blimp, and you ain't even the pimp, you got no bling, cus you're a lameass gimp! HEY!!! WHERE YOU GOIN'??!?
he got tired, and I'm gonna' take his place! And I'm gonna spread my sh#t all over your f#*kin' face! not really man, he'll be right back, he's just takin' a leak!
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