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And the Sunshine Band by T_Emery_Lolsworth on 11-14-2007
So we're like a week late on this sh#t but we really can't leave this Mukasey sh#t unmentioned
On one hand, he's a gigantic douche who's happy to continue the Bush administration's record of taking an enormous, spraying sh#t all over the good name of the United States of America
On the other had, though, we can't really be bothered opposing him, because seriously who the f#*k is Bush going to nominate, Noam Chomsky?
Whoever he picks is going to be a torture advocated sh#t of a f#*kwitted yes-man, might as well just ride it out for the next 13 months
If he'd been fibliustered, Bush would have put up Chertoff. If not him, probably Greg Abbott or, hell, how about Neil Bush? f#*k it, he's not going to nominate anyone halfway competent or sane
By the way, yes, waterboarding is torture, and you're a moron. Although we would like to hear what the f#*k you think it is if not torture, you f#*king #&@!sniff f#*kstick
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