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me and bobbie mcgee by eltsac101 on 11-12-2007
yo padre, would you like me to whip you up a 'holy wine cocktail?
listen up you impudent little son-of-a-b#tch, if you dont watch your mouth i will arrange for you to burn where you stand!!!
oh, is that so? it just so happens that me and god are pretty dam close, and i dont think i'm too scared, and that french tickler you're waving at me dont even get it compared to my usual...
by the power invested in me by the self aggrandizing pseudo-spiritual mockery of a religion of which i am a member in high standing, i command thee to recieve this french tickler into thy anal corpus..
say what?
such that when you scream out loud and beggeth the lord for mercy i shall petition the lord to communicate the cooties from my corpus to the corpus of your anal aperture, thus allowing for a new breed of corpus cooties to inhabit the earth, causing the meek (who previously stood to inherit the earth) to be sent packing, the fudge of one another that is, thus allowing for the waste personnages such as yourself to wait on myself etc. hand and foot, c#ck in hand, mouth on c#ck, weenie slapping cheek of mine, and well sing every song that humper knew, oh me and bobbie mcgee.
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