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Equal Rights by SpexterLeet on 11-05-2007
Mrs. Woman, do you feel like your position in society has advanced in any way since the abolision of Woman Slavery in the 60s?
Like, me and my boyfriend who is like sooo cute are going on a trip and I'm gonna wear my new outfit and it's like pretty and stuff ...
But surely you must have some valuable statements to make in light of all the anti-feminist prejudice that is currently threatening to sweep the nation any day now ...
Uh, I dunno what to say. I was like, so totally angry at that b#tch who was on Pop Idol last night, she totally stole my outfit ... that decrepit whore of capitalism.
Erm, eh ... honestly, this is precisely what's wrong with society. We're being typecast as these airheaded bimbos when most of us aren't even trying to-
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