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Floyd and Mike Vomit Blood by T_Emery_Lolsworth on 11-04-2007
The jury at the Metropolitan Police trial has ruled that chasing an entirely innocent man down a tube station and firing seven bullets into his head at point blank range is a serious health and safety risk
No f#*king sh#t
Another thing it is is MURDER
Premeditated murder at that, given that the cops admitted at the trial that they'd been following him all day before deciding he was a terrorist, based apparently on his getting off a bus, and also being brown
Sir Ian Blair doesn't deserve to be made to resign, he needs to be sacked. In the rectum. He needs to be thrown out of office, kicked in the nuts, and then shat on, and so do that load of f#*king #&@!s who killed him.
What the f#*k is this, 1983? If the Government are just going to let this slide, and they are, why don't they just rebrand the whole f#*king force as "the SPG" and have done with it. Or "the LAPD" maybe.
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