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Libra the Constellation- Myth (Astrea and Scales)- Modern by IWishIWereU on 10-31-2007
Astrea living among normal mortals
Omigawd! You're Astrea! If only I were as beautful and "balanced", and GODLY as you are...
*blushes bashfully* Hmm... these people SEEM nice, but I'll never know for sure until I weigh their good and bad deeds with my almighty SCALES OF JUSTICE!
A Few Days Later... Astrea is frustrated, thinking
UGH! I can see right through these people's lies, litterally! They're nothing but sinful and ungrateful people! You know what, maybe I should just leave. I mean it's not like they pay attention to my judgements... Off I GO!
3 Days After Astrea Leaves...
Hey. Have you seen Astrea? I haven't seen her for days, just her scales... Do you think we did anything to upset her?
Umm, actually, she left, back to the other Gods I suppose. It was something about us being cruel and ungrateful. I actually feel really bad, surprisingly. We should use her scales and put them into the sky. This way, a part of Astrea will always be close to us.
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